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Films (and other various projects)
Here you can find a list of current and upcoming project Lyon Productions is involved
with. Click on the trailers button to see video of projects we have worked on.
FILMS - Lyon Productions recently completed principal photography on the Minor
League: A Football Story
and is in Pre-Production on College Fright Night. Little Creeps is
currently in
    Lyon Productions Films
Completed or In Production
  • Minor League: A Football Story
  • Beach Vacancy (Short)
  • Cloud Nine (Episode 1)
  • Cloud Nine (Episode 3)
  • College Fright Night
  • Little Creeps
  • Monsters On Main Street
  • Don't Wait Til Dawn
  • Bar Chronicles
  • Thursday the 12th
  • Roommates On Elm Street (Season

In Development
  • Mob Dot Com
  • Semi Super Heroes
  • Birth Of The Bad Guy
    Other Films
Completed or In Production
  • Tooth Fairy
  • All's Faire In Love
  • American Virgin
  • Sister Mary
  • Haunting
  • The Road Killer
  • Live-In Fear
  • Drive In Massacre
  • Truth or Dare

In Development
  • Race To Judgement