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Ready to join the Film Industry world? Here you will find the information needed on
how to take classes at Lyon Productions to become a film actor, crew member, or
producer. Here you'll be trained by real working professionals who actually hire the
type of people we train.
Are you ready to kick open the door of opportunity and walk through to your new career in
the Film Industry? If so, then Lyon Productions offers just the training you need. We offer
both Acting and Production classes as well as a producer training program.

The best part is we are a Production Company, not a "school" whose main source of
income involves profiting from your tuition. Instead, it is our goal train you to help us
develop a local crew and acting pool to hire from.

As a Production Company, it is our job to cut budget costs while creating the best product
possible. As such, often we are forced to go out of state to hire film crew and actors due to
Michigan's currently limited infrastructure of crew and acting talent. Thus, we benefit first
hand by making you prepared to work in the industry. We don't just train you to collect your
money, we want to help you reach your full potential so WE CAN HIRE YOU! This saves us
lodging and travel costs; so it is in our best interest to help you make your mark in the

Classes are held at the Lyon Productions Headquarters at 6235 Corunna Road Suite F,
Flint, Michigan 48532.
We offer a three tier acting program that fits everyone in the industry. Our entry level class is designed to help you become an actor on screen by
teaching students the fundamentals of screen acting and building a foundation to develop a professional actor. Our second level program is suited to
take the developing actor and better prepare them to work professionally in the world of film acting, from training for auditions to life on set. Lastly, our
Graduate Program takes those who've passed our entry level and advanced class and offers them an opportunity to take their talents to the screen by
taking our students through the development process straight through principal and post photography of a film developed for our students. This is a
great opportunity to obtain real film credits and having footage for an acting reel.

The Entry Level Class and the Second Level Program are both 8 week courses that meet once a week. Each class is $289 for the 8 week session.

By the way, we are so confident in the ability of our program to prepare our students that we
GUARANTEE that any student who completes both courses
and our graduate program will be hired to perform in one of our upcoming films.
Lyon Productions offers a general film studies class that helps people new to the industry get a firm grasp of the film production world. You'll learn what
all is involved with being on set and the different area(s) of production you can work in. Following the General Film Studies class, we over a second class
that is individualized for your area of interest such as Directing, Cinema Photography, Production Assistant, Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup, and more.

The General Film Studies Class takes place once a week over 8 weeks. The cost of the class is $375. The department specific class is $495 and also
takes place once a week over 8 weeks.

Once again, we are so confident in the ability of our program to prepare you for film work that we
GUARANTEE that any student who completes both
production classes will be hired to work on at least one of our upcoming films.
Some people want to work in the industry while others want to make their own films. If you fall into that second category than we have just the program for
you. Lyon Productions offers a producer specific class that teaches you the fundamentals and tricks of the trade to producing your own feature length
movie. We help train you through all of the steps from script development, casting, principal photography, post production, all the way to getting your film
distributed. This is a program designed for the independent film producer and teaches you how to make a low budget feature film while still being able to
hire union actors. You are required to take the General Film Studies class to participate. Contact us for further details.