Lyon Productions originally started as a division of a minor league professional sports team,
the Genesee County Patriots. Its original intent was primarily for commercial productions and
catered to both the Patriots unique marketing plans as well as occasionally providing a
commercial production outlet for local Mid-Michigan community and business partners of the

In 2008, Lyon Productions, still as a division of the Genesee County Patriots, was sought out
by the film
All's Faire In Love. Interestingly enough, the name of All's Faire In Love's
production company was Patriot Productions. A roughly 10 million dollar budget film faced a
last minute rewrite that included football scenes. The Genesee County Patriots and Lyon
Productions were recruited to help with that scene's development including casting football
players and cheerleaders, providing wardrobe, props, and even choreographing the football
elements and training the talent.
All's Faire In Love starred such names as Christina Ricci,
Mathew Lillard, Ann Margret, Marty Klebba, Owen Benjamin, Cedric the Entertainer, Bill
Engvall and more.

Following that production, film gradually became a full time career for Patriot Director of
Operations Brad Leo Lyon as he was hired by a number of other productions for related work
as well as being cast in a few minor roles.

During this time period, the Michigan Film Tax Incentive (a film tax rebate that offers up to a
42% return on all production costs incurred in Michigan) spurred a huge growth to Michigan's
Film Industry. Taking advantage of this growth, Lyon decided to separate Lyon Productions
from the Patriots and create its own stand alone production company. After several in depth
on set film study and shadowing opportunities the company expanded to be able to self
finance and produce its own features.
Minor League: A Football Story became the first full
length film produced by Lyon Productions.

The early success of Lyon Productions as a stand alone entity led to further expansion,
including leaving the former Patriot office and expanding to a much larger Production
Headquarters and offering film classes to help train a Michigan based pool of crew and acting

Lyon Productions has now independently produced an extensive number of motion pictures
from union feature films like
Minor League: A Football Story to cult hits such as Little Creeps.
When not producing feature length films, Lyon Productions additionally produces episodic TV
Series, Industrials, Music Videos, Short Films, and Commercials.

In 2012, the company branched out even further, forming its own four walling theatrical
distribution company releasing films in select markets nation wide.
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